Medical Home Detox Services

Medical Home Detox is an outpatient assisted private detox for alcohol or drug dependence. With an emphasis on comfort and flexibility, we tailor to:

  • Business Executives, Small Business Owners
  • Professionals’ or VIPs
  • Celebrities
  • Stay at Home Mothers and Fathers.

MHD’s Private Home Detox is an in-home alternative to inpatient alcohol or drug detoxification methods. Safe, Comfortable, Private, Convenient, Competent.

What We offer

Full Service Private Home Detox Model:

MHD is experienced in the proven method of the home detox treatment model. We place one or two expert nurses in the home for the duration of the medical detox. With 32 years of experience, MHD has accepted clients throughout most of the United States and foreign countries. Dr. Waldman restricts his medical service to California and Utah.

Medical Home Detox offers an exclusive alternative to traditional inpatient rehab treatment services – this is apparent from the first time you contact MHD, to your first day of detox, and your lasting, enduring recovery.

Our Expert Trained Staff

A highly experienced nurse, who is an expert in addictions and dependence, travels to the client and monitors the home detoxification. The nurse utilizes assessment skills such as the use of vital signs, pulse oximetry, and withdrawal scales to assure the client is treated in the manner their withdrawal symptoms require. The nurse is also an expert in the use of detoxification medication and is in contact with the supervising physician whenever necessary.

An onsite nurse-based treatment model is ideal for clients who seek privacy, yet want a competent delivery of care. The expert nurse gets to know the client very well and uses the client’s strengths to help determine recommendations for an aftercare plan.

Medications for Withdrawal to Ensure you Detox Safely at Home

Medical Home Detox employs Registered Nurses who are experts in administering and evaluating detox medications. There are many medications that may be prescribed to assist with alcohol withdrawal. A clinician expert on these medications should be consulted for more information.

Medication can be prescribed that will decrease the negative symptoms of alcohol detox and decrease the chance of a life threatening event, such as seizures or delirium tremens.

Historically Benzodiazepines have been utilized to manage withdrawal, and additional medications have begun to be used as well. MHD partners with competent Consulting Physicians who can prescribe the appropriate medication.

Medications must be used judiciously to effectively manage the detoxification process. It is important to have clinicians who have expertise in prescribing and monitoring these medications.


A Proven, Private Addiction Detox from the Comfort of Your Home

We guarantee to address your unique needs and deliver nothing short of a proven, professional home detox solution.  Our focus is on your comfort and safety during your drug or alcohol withdrawal. Our Home Detox physicians and expert Detox Nurses work together to keep you comfortable and cared for during your detox.

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