Detox Safely at Home

Alcohol and substance dependence is a serious, but treatable, medical condition. Alcoholism and substance dependence are typically traced to a client’s genetic predisposition, social environment, or emotional state. No matter the cause, an expert clinical nurse will supervise a safe medical home detox. The nurse will assess vital signs, blood pressure, pulse, respiration, and temperature. A withdrawal scale, the Clinical Institute Withdrawal Scale of Alcohol and substance dependence (CIWA Scale) is utilized for withdrawal assessment. Re-assessment of your home detox treatment will be performed as often as is necessary to ensure a stable and successful recovery.

Safe comfortable detox from the privacy of your own home

Medical Home Detox is an outpatient assisted private detox for alcohol or substance dependence. With an emphasis on comfort and flexibility, we tailor to: Business Executives, Small Business Owners, Professionals’ or VIPs, Celebrities, and Stay at Home Mothers and Fathers. MHD’s Private Home Detox is an in-home alternative to inpatient alcohol or substance detoxification methods.

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