Detox In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

We guarantee to address your unique needs and deliver nothing short of a proven, professional home detox solution. Our focus is on your comfort and safety during your drug or alcohol withdrawal. Our Home Detox physicians and expert Detox Nurses work together to keep you comfortable and cared for during your detox. We work with you in your own home to provide a private, safe, and supervised detox so you can begin your recovery. A supervised detox from alcohol and drugs at home can be both safe, comftorable, and effective.

We work with you in your home to provide a private, safe, medically supervised detox so you can have your life back. A supervised withdrawal from alcohol at home can be both comfortable and uniquely effective. We have seen this method work over and over again.

Treatment That Comes To You

Our Program replicates, and often times surpasses the same level of medical services found in a a hospital or detox facility. We provide all these services to you right in the comfort of your own home.

Safe comfortable detox from the privacy of your own home

Medical Home Detox is an outpatient assisted private detox for alcohol or drug dependence. With an emphasis on comfort and flexibility, we tailor to: Business Executives, Small Business Owners, Professionals’ or VIPs, Celebrities, and Stay at Home Mothers and Fathers. MHD’s Private Home Detox is an in-home alternative to inpatient alcohol or drug detoxification methods.

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