Dual Diagnosis Treatment, Los Angeles

Medical Home Detox was founded after its founder, Dr. Bob Waldman. Dr. Waldman was convinced there were people suffering from the use and misuse of alcohol and other substances that wanted help but felt conventional care was a barrier to their treatment. MHD was created to remove the barriers to drug and alcohol detox treatment programs associated with safety, comfort, discretion, privacy, and convenience.

For over 32 years, MHD’s Dr. Bob Waldman has successfully treated alcohol and drug addictions. His proven, seasoned, one-on-one private home detox treatment program has benefited male executives, female executives, business owners, parents, celebrities, athletes and young adults.

Inpatient rehab treatment programs can be very effective for many individuals.

Evidence Based Treatment is derived from standards and experience in the detoxification field. MHD bases the private home detox treatment options on standards associated with:

  • The American Society of Addiction Medicine
  • The American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry
  • International Nurses Society on Addictions
  • Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Many clients want to keep their business private, want minimal and confidential records kept about their care, and want the comfort and convenience of a home detox or a comfortable alternative detox. MHD is the solution for this client. Safety! Safety! Safety is the key.

Medical Home Detox offers an exclusive alternative to traditional inpatient rehab treatment services – this is apparent from the first time you contact MHD, to your first day of detox, and your lasting, enduring recovery.

Our Unique Home Detox Process is Dedicated to Your SUCCESS!

Our Unique Home Detox Process is Dedicated to Your SUCCESS! When you are in the darkest places of drug and alcohol addiction, nothing else matters except healing and recovery.  At Medical Home Detox, we are committed to bringing you the highest quality care in the ultimate private setting. The setting of your home, we come to you.

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