Medical Detox Utah Private In-Home Treatment for
Alcohol and Drug Detox
Medical Home Detox is an alcohol and drug detox
treatment program, offering on site expert nursing & supervision.
All from the privacy of your own home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
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Rehab Los Angeles We Are Here For You A Proven, Private Detox from the Comfort of Your Home
Our Unique Home Detox Process is Dedicated to Your SUCCESS!
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Rehab Salt Lake City Utah Free Assessment Quiz Read More Expertly Trained Staff Our Expertly Trained and Licensed Staff will help you through every step of your detox journey. Take your first step towards sobriety and start living substance free.

Discover the Medical Home Detox Proven Method

At MHD, we make a professional pledge to our clients and their loved ones that the power of addiction and drugs will be met with the power of healing and recovery. We bring the latest science, along with experience and compassion to provide private, effective, and comfortable detoxification services in your own home.

Our Process

My Conviction and Your Promise…

Dear Friend,

Overall these years of helping individuals and loved ones like yourself, I have proven to myself that you can regain your life. Welcome to Medical Home Detox (MHD): An exclusive, premier, and private detoxification and recovery service. It is our distinct pleasure to invite you to explore our services, process, and learn more about us. We are committed to helping you free yourself from the power of addiction and get your life back. Our expert staff will be with you every step of the way throughout your detoxification process. It is my commitment to you that we will do everything in our power to help you achieve your detox goals.

Moving toward heart, might mind and body,

Dr. Robert Waldman,

Frequently Asked Questions About Home Detox

What Is Detox?
Drug Detox refers to the body processing or metabolizing any drugs or alcohol in the system and removing the toxic influence from the body. When a person starts the detox process, they can sometimes experience life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. Currently, there are no safe and effective over the counter medications that can address life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. People undergoing withdrawal from alcohol or drugs should place themselves under medical supervision for their own safety and well being.
Is Detox Right For Me?
We will have a comprehensive medical evaluation that will look at multiple factors to determine if this program is right for you. This initial evaluation can be completed over the phone or in person. We will go over family history, psychological functioning, your history of use with drugs and alcohol, your health, and your psychological functioning. We will then go over a treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs, and the doctor and the patient will decide together if they are ready to proceed to a home detox.
Is Detoxing From Home Safe?
Detoxing in your home is safe if it is medically supervised by a licensed and qualified detox nurse. With our program, a nurse will be available to assess the client on a twenty four seven basis to ensure they don’t have complications from their detox.
Can I Detox On My Own?
Detoxing can be a physically demanding process that can lead to complications and even death. If you are dependent on drugs or alcohol, you need to consult with a medical professional before you begin your detox. It is also imperative that you have someone there to monitor your detox process. Withdrawal symptoms from detox can cause physical and emotional pain. There are cases where symptoms from detox can become so intense it leads to premature death. Some substances like Benzodiazepines and alcohol can be very dangerous to detox from and can result in death. Detoxing from these drugs requires medical supervision to ensure that serious complications do not ensue.
  • I had numerous bouts with drugs and relapses. Dr. Waldman facilitated my treatment by calling on friends in the industry in other treatment centers that he had relationships with and made it possible for me to actually go to treatment on a scholarship. That was the last treatment that I was in, and it was the most important one because since then I've been sober.
  • There is no other person in the world that I would send my family or refer my friends to for this addiction. Dr. Robert Waldman is in my eyes not just a doctor, he's also a friend, and he's a warrior. For this I consider him one of the best people I've ever met in my life.
  • At some time over the years, I did not have the money to see Dr. Waldman at his office, and he told me under no circumstances that we were we to end our Dr. patient relationship. He told me he would see me for free for the rest of my life. Being a father of two young children at the time that allowed me the ability to focus on my sobriety and not worry about feeding my children and stopping my addiction
  • What I found out over the more than a decade that I was under Dr. Waldman's care is that he wasn't just a doctor. He was a friend, a mentor, and a sounding board, but most importantly, he was a lifesaver. I have referred numerous friends to Dr. Waldman in the hopes that he could do to them what he did for me, which was to lift the burden of this disease off my back.
  • Dr. Waldman is a completely different story. He is by far the most emphatic and involved Dr. I have ever met. He flew out two times just to observe and examine me twice during my 5-day stay.
  • I will forever be grateful to this team. The nurse that was with me for 5 days 24/7 made me feel extremely comfortable, was very knowledgeable and just overall an amazing human being. Im not sure if I would’ve followed through the whole week not given her expertise and correct approach.
  • Dr. Waldman’s team slowly guided my body out of withdrawals with a simple medication routine administered by a nurse. There was no machinery, no ivy’s, no needles or anything else I had imagined in my dreary visual.
  • Dr. Waldman oversaw my in-home medical detox. Going through detox is not a fun thing to do. He and his team made it very comfortable. Dr. Waldman and his team were very respectful of our privacy, and he truly cares for his patients. When the detoxes were over, a plan was set into place before the nurse left. I then had several follow up check-ins by him. I am very thankful for his care. He is amazing!!!
  • After searching up and down Los Angeles I decided to go with Dr.Waldman and his team for my recovery journey and it was the best thing I have ever done. I never imagined in my wildest dream the recovery I had under the care of Dr. Waldman’s team.

Safe comfortable detox from the privacy of your own home

We are honored to have you and your loved ones as a client and to entrust us with your medical care. Science demonstrates the enormous ability of the human brain to undergo positive changes quickly, therefore we know freedom from addiction is possible. Because for many of our friends, this is a personal journey that has allowed them to maintain their sobriety for decades.

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